Directors & Officers
Our policy is aligned with the Companies Act 71 of 2008 to address the personal liability needs of directors. This policy affords directors the flexibility to choose between essential peace of mind cover or enhanced cover through the optional extensions
Prosfessional Indemnity
Professional Indemnity insurance provides indemnity in respect of claims arising out of the conduct of professional services. Cover is in respect of legal liability to pay compensation as a result of actual or alleged negligent acts, errors or omissions in the performance of professional duties. The indemnity covers both damages and defence costs.
Social Media Liability
There are numerous examples where people have found themselves in hot water in social media communities for saying something they believed to be innocent, which was taken up in the wrong way. Most social media users make statements that are not meant to cause any harm, but that can lead to complete public outrage, which can have devastating consequences for the individual.
Technology is revolutionising the way we communicate, yet traditional insurance policies have not kept up with this ever changing landscape. The product has been specifically created to provide comprehensive protection for cyber, privacy and media risks faced by companies in their day to day operations
South Africa regrettably is known for a relatively active labour environment. There are over 200 000 cases reported to the CCMA and Bargaining Council’s each year with the vast majority of these cases being for unfair dismissal. This product offers practices, policies as well as cover
SME Liability
Liability insurance provides protection for a business for legal liability to pay damages arising out of injury or damage caused to third party persons or their property during the performance of the business. The broadform liability policy is extremely comprehensive and has many sections of cover and extensions.
Security Liability
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Special Events
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Project / Construction
We provide insurance for the legal liabilities arising out of errors or omissions in their Professional Duties for Contractors, Engineers, Surveyors, Consultants and other related professions employed on construction projects.
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Directors & Officers

Directors and Officers are exposed to increased risk based on the exact qualities for which they are hired– initiative, vision and business strategy. They need to manage an array of challenges in an increasingly fast-paced environment and often find themselves in the difficult position of balancing between commercial demands, growing regulatory compliance, stringent corporate governance guidelines and increasingly complex legislation along with employee expectations

Events Liability

Event liability insurance is designed for event planners, organisers, exhibitors or sponsors. The cover provides for damages which the event organiser becomes legally liable to pay to third parties following accidental death, bodily injury or illness as well as damage to property.

Cover can be provided on a short-term basis (single event) for event organiser, planners and/or exhibitors, or it can be provided on an annual basis for event planners

Cyber Crime

Most organisations use websites, social media platforms and other electronic media, and there is always a risk of copyright or defamation allegations. Multimedia Liability covers the legal defence costs, legal liability to pay damages, public relations communication costs, claimants costs and claims expenses arising from the performance of multimedia activities


Cyber Extortion & Data Ransom Demand: Should your data or system be locked by ransomware or your company is threatened by cyber extortionists, there may be costs in negotiating with the hackers or paying a ransom demand. This extension covers costs of the investigation into the cause of, or the payment of monies in response to or as a result of, an extortion threat or ransom demand


Theft of Funds: Businesses that have suffered a Network Security Breach may find that funds are taken by unauthorised third parties. This extension covers the monetary loss sustained as a direct result of a Network Security Breach


For technology professionals, there is also the option to include: Professional Indemnity: insurance for your legal liability to pay damages, claimant’s costs and claims expenses arising from the rendering of Professional Services

Employment Practice Liability

Statistically the risk of CCMA action is twice as high as the possibility of a road accident and according to the Labour Relations Act, employers can be taken to the CCMA, Bargaining Council or Labour Court for various labour practices. Frighteningly, courts may award as much as 24 months’ salary to the aggrieved employee and even the most efficient HR departments may fall victim to inconsistent decision making at the dispute resolution forums. 


Defending a wrongful termination or discrimination claim whether innocent or guilty, or even if the claim is groundless or frivolous can be expensive.


The policy is not only to provide an insurance safety net against labour disputes, but also to provide clients with tools that can both simplify the labour arena, as well as minimise the risks that South African employers face.

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