Providing Financial Planning Services since 1989.  Working together with our individual and commercial clients, we provide insight, advice and support on their insurance and risk management needs

With a work ethic based on uncompromising integrity and customer-centric principles, Welsh & Associates has been advising and assisting clients to manage one of the most important aspects of both their personal and professional livelihoods - financial security.

From retirement planning, liability cover, insurance, assets cover, medical aids to funeral schemes and more, at Welshfin we believe the best way to plan for a secure future is to thoroughly assess the present and to constantly evaluate your financial strategy to make sure that it works in your best interests.  

At Welsh & Associates we are acutely aware that people do business with partners they know they can trust and who can deliver the goods - no other reason.  It is our absolute focus to live up to these expectations in everything we do.

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